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Bermuda Blue Earrings

NJR 001

This product is from a kiwi companyThis product is made in New Zealand

$44.50 NZD

Bermuda Blue

Are you in love deep clear blues and oceany teals If so, then these are the earrings for you! The 10mm heart shaped crystals (by Swarovski) are an intense clear blue with many other beautiful blues and teals sparkling through as the crystals move and reflect the light. (The reverse side of each crystal has a dark metalic coating so the light doesn't pass through the crystals but reflects back delivering rich sparkling colours) Bermuda blue is one of those amazing colours that people can't help but notice and compliment. If you are go out wearing these beautiful earrings, the only way you will fail to be noticed is if you also have a paper bag over your head (though that might get you attention of a different kind). The earrings were designed and assembled in Kaiapoi, NZ. The hooks are 21 gauge sterling silver - they are good and sturdy without being too thick. The other metal elements are also sterling silver.

  • 10mm crystal hearts by Swarovski
  • Earwires: Medium weight (21 gauge) sterling silver, 18mm flat fishhook with 2.5mm ball and coil.

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