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Mushrooms - King Stropharia - Garden Giant


This product is from a kiwi companyThis product is made in New Zealand

$69.90 NZD

King Stropharia/ Wine Cap/ Garden Giant/ Stropharia rugosoannulata.
These are excellent outdoor garden mushrooms, masters of decomposing wood into soil and producing delicious large meaty mushrooms.
King Stropharia is also excellent in permaculture as it is an aggressive recycler with its dense mycelial matt capable of acting as a filtration system for grey water. An excellent companion to corn crops!
Honey bees have been known to dig up the beds to drink the nectar the mycelium secretes, this helps boost their natural immune system. You can read more here:
Outdoor beds can easily be set up by putting down a layer of cardboard on soil or grass then a thin layer of sawdust/wood chip/straw followed by a layer of spawn (mushroom seeds) an finally another layer of sawdust/ wood chip/straw. Keep the patch well watered over summer an you should have your first crop by mid summer to autumn. Once a patch is established simply adding new wood chip yearly will ensure you keep getting tasty mushrooms! We recommend 2kg spawn per square M of patch wanting to be established. The more spawn used the more likely the patch to succeed and fruit during its first season. Once established patches can be maintained for years.
We provide full setup instructions through email.
Price is per kg of sawdust spawn sent out in a filter patch mushroom bag. Wait time on orders can be up around 2-4 weeks 
Basic Order $69.90 for 2kg 
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